Food & Beverage Carton FAQ’s

Q. Can I place foil drink pouches in my recycle container?

A. No – Only paper cartons from the refrigerator or food pantry are acceptable. Paper cartons with plastic pour spouts attached are also acceptable.

Q. What type of cartons are recyclable?

A. Cartons containing Juice, Milk, Soy Milk, Soup, Broth, Ice Cream, Egg Substitutes, Pancake Batter, Cream and Wine.

Q. Do I need to remove the cap or straw when recycling my cartons?

A. Please keep caps on and remove straws

Q. Do I need to rinse my cartons?

A. As long as the carton is empty, it is okay to place in your recycle container. Rinsing your carton will alleviate any potential odor that may arise until your collection day.

Q. Can I recycle a carton that feels waxy?

A. Yes, what you are feeling as wax on the carton is actually a thin layer of plastic.

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