Mixed Paper FAQ’s

Q. What type of paper can I recycle?

A. All paper, including cardboard. If it tears, you can place it in your recycle container

Q. Can I recycle my old phonebook or shopping catalog?

A. Yes – Phonebooks and shopping catalogs are recyclable

Q. Do I have to remove staples or tape from cardboard boxes before placing them in my recycle container?

A. No – Staples and tape do not have to be removed. Please remove all non-paper packaging material (bubble wrap, Styrofoam, packing peanuts) before placing cardboard in your recycle container

Q. Can I recycle glossy coated or white cardboard boxes?

A. Yes, cardboard boxes with a glossy exterior or white exterior can be placed in your recycle container

Q. Can I recycle a wax coated box?

A. No, place wax-coated boxes in your trash container

Q. Can I recycle my pizza box?

A. Yes – Please remove any leftover pizza, sauce containers, peppers, and plastic pizza top saver. If grease soaks through the bottom or cheese is stuck to the lid, tear off the contaminated section of the box and recycle the clean section.

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