Plastic FAQ’s

Q. Do I need to take the caps and lids off plastic bottles, jugs, and tubs?

A. No – please leave caps and lids on your plastic bottles, jugs, and tubs. Empty, cap and recycle!

Q. What plastics can I recycle?

A. We accept plastics generated from the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. Plastics acceptable from those areas are bottles, cups, jugs, and tubs. Please DO NOT place plastic bags or film plastic in your recycle cart and any plastics from the garage, shed or yard

Q. Do I have to rinse out my containers?

A. No – You do not have to rinse out bottles or containers containing liquids. Just empty, cap and recycle! If the container holds a sauce or product thick like pudding, please rinse out the container

Q. What number plastics can I recycle?

A. We accept plastic numbers #1, #2 and #5. If you cannot identify or find a resin number on the bottle or container, do not place the item in your recycle container

Q. Can I recycle an empty container that contained a household cleaner?

A. Yes – Please rinse container thoroughly, replace the cap and recycle

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