Steel & Aluminum Can FAQ’s

Q. What cans do you accept?

A. We accept aluminum and steel cans. We also accept Aerosol Cans generated from the kitchen and bath only.  NO other type of metal is accepted.

Q. Do I have to remove the paper label, cut the bottom out and flatten my steel cans?

A. No – there’s no need to remove labels, bottom lids or flattened steel cans. Please rinse out cans if the product is thick like pudding.

Q. Should I flatten my aluminum cans?

A. No – Please do not flatten aluminum cans or any recyclable container. Flattening bottles or containers will not allow them to separate away from paper products when processed through our automated equipment. The automated equipment is designed to separate recyclables based on their weight and whether the recyclable is a 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional object.

Q. Can I recycle aluminum foil, pie pans or cooking trays with my aluminum cans?

A. No – These items are a lighter gauge aluminum, with a lower flash point than aluminum cans. Because of the low flash point, there is no useable material when melted if mixed with aluminum cans. Aluminum Cooking foils, pans and trays also contain food waste, which can’t be recycle.

Q. Can I recycle aerosol cans?

A. Yes – Aerosol cans generated from the kitchen and bathroom can be recycled. NO aerosol cans generated from the garage or shed are acceptable

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